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Dear bowlers, dear parents,

In the recent years there have been many good as well as some low points within the YET International tour. Many longlive friendship relations have been made but the time has come for renewal. A new direction aimed at more challenge and continuity has been found. With the start of the newly founded European Bowling Youth Tour (EBYT) by the EBF, a great opportunity came up for the YET International tour to work together. We are proud to say that the YET will continue as part of the EBYT. Not much will change for you ! A full tour with a ranking and at the end of the season a Masters final (in this transition year only a ranking and awards provided by EBF). A positive point is that the maximum age to participate goes up to 25 years.

The rankings will from now on made by EBF. You will find a link to the related site pages ( on our ranking page. If you have questions please feel free to contact Mr. Kim Andersen, the person in charge for the EBYT (

At the end of this season this website will stop existing. The spreading of all related information to the EBYT tour will then be found and published on the EBF website.

We want to thank you for 14 very nice years and will see you at one of the tournaments within the new EBYT tour.

Monica and Arny


Currently there are no events.


EBYT rankings


YET Finals 2022-2023

Those were the finals in Wommelgem 2023.

Here you can find the results and the photo gallery for the finals in Wommelgem.


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